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Testing and Balancing (TAB) systems

What is Air & Water Balancing and Why is it Important?

The relationship of air inside a building is the differential pressure. Since air acts like a fluid, it will flow from the positive area to the negative area or from a higher pressure to lower pressure. Regulating air balance, whether it’s comparing inside to outside or comparing one zone to another is extremely important. Indoor air quality (IAQ), occupant comfort, system efficiency, and correct air flow are greatly affected and enhanced by proper air balance.
If your HVAC system’s efficiency is on a decline, you might fear there’s a serious problem with your equipment. After it’s looked into by your HVAC pro, you may be pleased to learn that it’s due to unbalanced system airflow. Air balancing the HVAC system can often restore its efficiency, and resolve other related issues like high energy bills, unnecessary wear on key components, and temperature inconsistencies.

Water Balancing

Balancing of water and hydronic systems is performed for many of the same reasons as air balancing. Water balancing ensures proper flow of water is occurring from and through piping, valves, coils, pumps etc. A few of our water balancing services include: Flushing and cleaning strainers and piping. Filling system to proper level. Measuring and recording pump amperages and voltages.

What does air balancing include?

Air balancing is the mechanical regulation of a system to achieve desired airflow. Usually, HVAC technicians can fix airflow problems with a series of adjustments to your HVAC system, including duct sealing, duct dampers, and ductwork retrofits. It’s estimated that over half of all new HVAC systems are improperly installed (ENERGY STAR). This usually means that there is something wrong with the size and/or design of your HVAC and duct system. If some rooms in your house aren’t receiving the proper airflow, contact your local HVAC technician to make sure everything is sized according to HVAC best practices.

Benefits of Air Balancing​

Professional air balancing provides many benefits to your home and HVAC system:

1. Greater Energy Efficiency

When airflow is balanced, your HVAC system works more efficiently. Most likely, your technician will make improvements to your air ducts during the air balancing process. By sealing duct leaks and improving air circulation, less conditioned air escapes and more airflow goes where it needs to. This means stronger airflow for you and improved energy efficiency for your HVAC system.

2. More Comfort

The main reason why homeowners request and air balancing appointment is because they aren’t getting enough conditioned air into their living spaces. Balanced airflow gets rid of those uncomfortable hot and cold spots in the home.

3. Prolonged HVAC Service Life

Sealing air leaks and modifying ductwork design prevents dirt, dust, mold, and other contaminants from clogging up your HVAC system. By improving airflow, you reduce your HVAC system’s workload and remove substantial dirt and stress. Air balancing may cost you some money upfront, but you’ll make it back in the savings you get from improved energy efficiency, less repairs, and prolonged system lifespans.

Professional Air Balancing Consulation​

Contact Flow Master to schedule an air balancing consultation. Your trained technician will conduct a full and thorough inspection of you HVAC system before recommending any service or repairs. The technician will use specialized tools and procedures to measure insulation, ventilation, air pressure, temperature, and humidity levels. After investigating ductwork deficiencies, hot/cold spots, and other trouble areas, your technician will share with you all of their findings. Details and suggestions will be in writing and any questions will be answered. Make your home more comfortable and efficiency by calling ____ for your air balancing home assessment. Sign up for a maintenance program, such as the Penguin Protection Plan, to save money and ensure these annual maintenance appointments are conducted every year.



Obtain your Certificate of Occupancy and know the HVAC system conforms with design specifications before it’s turned over to operations with a certified, independent air balance report.


Execute a successful equipment replacement or “roof sweep” by having it tested and balanced so you get what was specified.


Changes in floor plans affect the airflow, and construction impacts indoor air quality. Have a TAB test performed to prevent any airflow deficiencies caused by construction.


Receive a thorough investigatory report of the HVAC conditions at a facility with comfort complaints or negative building pressure issues so corrective action can be determined.


All mechanical systems fall out of alignment over time. Keep air quality, comfort and efficiency at peak performance by rebalancing the HVAC every three to five years.


We are happy to create a tailored scope of work for your specific needs.

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